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Piano Keys

Piano Keys

Last night’s gig required me to play the piano for a Cockney singalong for a 70th birthday party. The venue was The Marksman, in Hackney, London and it was a proper pub with a great atmosphere. The birthday boy was an East End lad and wanted a typical pub pianist to play all the old singalong songs. For this type of event I usually start off by playing some pub songs on the piano, before handing out some song sheets. When I’ve handed out the song sheets I often have to be quite persuasive to get everyone started, but on this occasion everyone started singing as soon as I started playing. They raised the roof and I’m sure that people passing the pub by must have been surprised to hear the sounds of what a typical East End pub sounded like fifty years ago.

I hope that the birthday boy and his friends had a truly wonderful time and it would be good to booked for another of their parties in the future.

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