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The Bulls Head, Fishbourne

The Bulls Head, Fishbourne

Last night’s visit to The Bulls Head at Fishbourne, West Sussex was really enjoyable and I look forward to visiting this great pub again. I was booked to conduct a piano led Christmas singalong which was to cover all the old Cockney favourites plus loads of Christmas songs and carols.

I started setting up my digital piano and microphone before sorting out all my song sheets. I was just about ready, so all I needed was some enthusiasm from my audience. When I started walking around the pub and handing out the song sheets I noticed that nearly everyone in the pub wanted to take one. We were definitely off to a good start. A couple didn’t take them because they didn’t have their spectacles and one small group were only staying for another few minutes.

I was now ready to start. I played the introduction to Lambeth Walk on the piano and people gradually joined in, but they didn’t exactly raise the roof. We got throught the first song sheet and then quite a large crowd of people came into the pub. The group of people wanted to know what was going on, and when they found out what was happening, they really wanted to join in singing along to the piano. I plugged in an extra couple of microphones and I found that I now had people wanting to use them to help lead the singalong. We were now rocking! Everyone now seemed to let go of their inhibitions and the atmoshere was incredible. We ploughed through traditional carols and Christmas songs such as: “Away in a Manger” to “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” plus many other singalong songs such as: “My Old Man’s a Dustman” and “I’ve Got a Lovely Buch of Cocoanuts”.

It was a great night and Paul Tidey (the landlord) wants to book me again next Christmas.

The Bulls Head is a Fullers pub and is well worth a visit. Here are more details:

The Bull’s Head
Fishbourne Road
PO19 3JP

Email: enquiries@bullsheadfishbourne.net

Telephone: 01243 839895

Web: www.bullsheadfishbourne.net/

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