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The Swan Inn, Isleworth

The Swan Inn, Isleworth

On arrival at the venue I was greeted with the smiling face of Pete the manager. He had booked me to play the piano for a lunchtime event and then an evening singalong. The venue was The Swan Inn in Isleworth, Middlesex and I was really looking forward to performing here after such a warm welcome.

I had temporarily stopped my car outside the pub and I unloaded my gear. I then proceeded to to find a parking space which wasn’t that easy. I ended up parking quite a long way from the pub. It was quite a nice day and the sky was clear so I didn’t mind th walk back. I eventually arrived back and I set up my piano and other equipment in the space that had been designated for me.

By now it was nearly time for the group of people to arrive for the lunchtime party. The group of people were associated with Isleworth & Hounslow Charity Ltd which provides affordable accommodation for people in housing need and financial need. It was now 2pm and first people were just starting to arrive so I took my place by the piano and started playing a few tunes. All that they wanted was some background music while they had lunch, so I played some jazz and swing numbers from the Great American Song Book as it’s often called. You know the kind of thing I mean. Music by Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Richard Rodgers and the other composers that produced the songs that were sung by the likes of Tony Bennet, Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole. All in all it was a really nice and easy event to play for and everyone was really amiable. I suppose that I played for about an hour before they had a speeches and I then finished off with some more music before they all left at around 4pm.

Pete then provided me with a Christmas dinner that was absolutely delicious and was most welcome. I then had about three hours to kill before my 8pm evening stint. I went for a walk which killed some time before retuning to The Swan and doing some work on my laptop.

The time went quickly and I had about 20 minutes to go before I started my Cockney singalong, so I got changed into my Cockney gear ready for the big moment. My audience wasn’t very big so I just started playing background honky-tonk piano in the hope that the audience would get a bit bigger before I started handing out the song sheets. It did happen and I ended up with quite a number of really keen singers. I set another 2 microphones and people really enjoyed getting up and leading the singing with the microphones. The evening got better and better as more and more people joined in. I finished playing around 12pm and the evening was an absolute success. Pete said that he would definitely book me again – which is good news!

The The Swan Inn is definitely worth a visit so here are someĀ  contact details:

The Swan Inn
Swan Street

Telephone: 20 8847 4805
Email: info@theswaninnpub.com
Web: www.theswaninnpub.com/ and www.swaninnisleworth.co.uk/

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