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I suppose that I had been playing the piano for about ten minutes when I realised that this was the perfect gig. It was a masonic event at Giacomo’s in Sevenoaks Weald, Kent. It’s so nice to perform for appreciative people and this audience was amazing. Also, Giacomo and Daniella, the owners of this fabulous place, were¬† making everyone feel very welcome. As I said earlier, it was a masonic do, but it wasn’t a formal one and most of the people there were quite casually dressed. The whole event had a really friendly vibe about it and everyone chatted freely – even to me the pianist!

I was seated at a lovely grand piano and I started the evening off just playing background music through the meal. I remember playing a mixture of music from swing and Rat Pack numbers to songs by Billy Joel and The Beatles. I couldn’t help notice that quite a few people were quietly singing along to these songs. If they were singing along to the tunes that I had been playing, I was sure that with a little bit of encouragement and a change of music I could get every one singing along. That’s what I had in mind anyway.

After the dessert they had a few speeches, a game of bingo and a few other things going on, so I took a break from the piano. During this period I was fed and I must say the food was exceptional. I can see why people have to book so far in advance to get a table. After I had eaten I changed into my Cockney outfit (Bowler hat, waistcoat, neckerchief etc.) and waited for the next part of the evening.

The time soon came and with some help I handed out the song sheets and sat down at the piano again. I explained to everyone what we were going to do before launching into the first song. The first song on the song sheet was Lambeth Walk and they all sang with great enthusiasm. Everyone sang along – and I mean everyone! They kept the same level of enthusiasm up for the rest of the song sheet and also through the following song sheet. They raised the roof and Giacomo (the restaurant owner) also joined in with the singing.

It had been a wonderful evening, and as always I felt sorry when the whole event came to a close. I hope that Anderida Masonic Lodge book me again for any future events and I also hope that I get the opportunity to perform at Giacomo’s again.

Giacomo’s has developed quite a reputation in the Sevenoaks area and you will have to book well in advance to get a table at this amazing restaurant. Here are their contact details:

Giacomo`s Ristorante Italiano
Ristorante Italiano Morleys Road
Weald Sevenoaks
Kent TN14 6QR

Web: giacomos.uk.com
Telephone: 01732 746200

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